Gretag Imaging

Sienna Imaging has a strong market position in the field of equipment for photofinishing in school, sports and wedding photography. The company, headquartered in Denver, USA, has a payroll of 240 people worldwide, 60 of them in research & development. In 1998, Sienna posted earnings before interest and taxed of US-$ 1.5 million on estimated sales of US-$ 32 million. According to a Gretag Imaging press release, the total price for acquiring the entire capital of Sienna Imaging is US-$ 20.5 – 29 million and will be paid in cash. The final price will depend on the results in fiscal 2000.

Separately, Gretag Imaging has announced the opering of a branch office in Japan in January 2000. The new unit will concentrate on exploring the attractive growth potential particularly in the area of professional applications and will also focus on expanding Gretag Imaging’s share of the minilab market in Japan. The new branch office will be responsible for all sales, installation and maintenance of Gretag Imaging products in Japan.