ScanCafe welcomes Henry Wilhelm to Advisory Board

"I’ve spent more than 50 years helping preserve photographs of all kinds," said Henry Wilhelm, President and Director of Research at Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. "The transition from the traditional silver-halide analog photography of film and prints to digital cameras, files, and printers is the most far-reaching change in the more than 150-year history of photography. As imaging technology evolves, our research continues to expand and now includes both short-term and long-term digital file preservation issues."

"Henry Wilhelm is a legendary figure in the history of photography," said Sam Allen, CEO of ScanCafe. "His testing laboratory pioneered the independent assessment of image permanence, and he has worked tirelessly to bring the issue of image permanence into public view, as well. His vast knowledge of how images deteriorate under various storage and display conditions and what can be done to prevent this will help us to strengthen the restoration services that we offer, and advise customers on the best ways to preserve the original photos once they’ve been digitized."