6Sight conference announces four themes

The conference features four main topics: The advent of 3D imaging, the on-demand printing revolution, synergies between camera phones and social networking, and the rising industry clout of amateur photographers. Each topic will be examined through session clusters, approaching the topic from different perspectives: technology demonstrations, expert presentations, and industry-defining panel discussions.

After conference chair Alexis Gerard delivers his "6Sight Perspective" address, the proceedings kick off with a keynote speech by Ramesh Raskar, Ph.D., visionary researcher and educator from Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, who speaks on, "Computational Photography – The Future Starts Now." Next, Fujifilm demonstrates its new consumer 3D camera and viewer. This will be followed by an overview of the state of the art of 3D technology by Lenny Lipton, author, filmmaker, founder of StereoGraphics Corp., and a pioneer of the electronic stereoscopic display industry.

Rick Dean, Vice President, Technology development, at THX and board member of 3D@Home Consortium then speaks on "Hollywood and Your Television," an overview of commercial 3D content development and its influence on the emergence of 3D-capable televisions in the home. A panel of experts, including Adobe senior art director Russell Brown, and Human Eyes sales director Jeff Miller, discuss the "State of Lenticular Printing Technology," after which nationally collected photographer and lenticular artist Bonny Lhotka will discuss "Dimensionality in Imaging," drawing examples from a collection of her works that will be on display at the Monterey Conference Center Alvarado Gallery during the conference. A panel of industry experts and journalists discuss the challenges and opportunities related to "Bringing 3D into the Consumer Mainstream."

Future Image senior analyst Tony Henning presents his annual "State of the Camera Phone Industry," followed by demonstrations of groundbreaking camera phone image processing technology by Scalado and Imsense, and a panel discussion on "Social Networking: Mobile and Visual."

On Nov. 12, Future Image senior analyst Paul Worthington presents his annual "State of the Camera Industry," after which the keynote will be delivered by noted photographer, author, and digital imaging pioneer Stephen Johnson, who addresses how cameras should evolve to broaden the creative potential of photographers. A panel of industry executives will discuss the challenges and opportunities inherent in "Monetizing Amateur Content," followed by a demonstration by Digimarc and ImageSpan on technology used to communicate and locate copyright ownership. This will be followed by the unique 6Sight Industry Analyst panel discussion, in which representatives from leading imaging analyst firms – Future Image, Gfk, IDC, InfoTrends, Lyra, NPD, Photo Imaging News, and PMA – debate key issues facing the imaging business, including the impact of the current economic recession, and how it will transform the imaging industry.

Rick Smolan, creator of the best-selling "Day in the Life" and "America 24/7" books, presents a report on the "Obama Time Capsule" experiment – a print-on-demand, mass market coffee table book that can be customized, along with never-before released data on customer personalization behavior; and imaging technologist and owner of 18 U.S. patents Scott Brownstein will speak on "Bridging the Gap to the New Output Opportunity."

Additional information about these and other sessions, as well as the 6Sight conference program and speakers, is available at www.6sight.com. Information about the I3A annual conference, which will be colocated with 6Sight, can be found at HYPERLINK "http://www.i3a.org" www.i3a.org.