Mitsubishi customers visit in first class in new entertainment lounge

"We are always looking to enhance the connection our customers have with Mitsubishi," said Dennis Dessilla, national sales director. "The space is extremely comfortable, functional and creative."

Located at the east end of the Mitsubishi Litho Center, the lounge is the first destination for customers and prospects when they arrive at 600 Barclay Boulevard. The space offers an unobstructed view of the two demonstration presses located in the Litho Center — a six-color Diamond V3000LX and a six-color Diamond 3000LX. It is the perfect venue for seeing the two presses in action.

Mitsubishi Lithographic Presses designed the space to be welcoming, modern and warm. It is complete with standard lounge features, such as soft lighting and an overstuffed sofa and chairs, as well as new amenities, including a high-definition, wide-screen television and a DVD player. Additional features include a computer with wireless Internet access, hardwood floor and a refrigerator that is well stocked with refreshments.

"As a place for customers to work or relax while they are here, the lounge space accommodates a variety of customer needs and expectations," Dessilla said.