Olympus helps consumers to learn essential photography skills

The half-day courses will be held at six locations throughout North America. Olympus Technical Representatives, experts in photography and Olympus products, will lead the sessions and help attendees elevate their picture-taking abilities to the next level.


Each class will be taught using one of Olympus’ popular consumer DSLRs, like the E-420, E-520 and E-30, and will be tailored to the attendees, helping them to maximize their new camera’s performance and feature set. While the classes will focus on key aspects and features of E-System products, consumers will also learn vital elements of photography, including Aperture, Shutter Speed, Exposure and Metering, to name a few.


The Olympus photography classes are scheduled for the following locations:

• February 21: Atlanta

• February 22: New York

• March 28: Toronto

• March 28: Chicago

• April 25: San Francisco

• May 2: Denver

For a complete schedule, registration information and contact details visit www.getolympus.com/DSLRevents.