Metz adds to its flash unit families

The comfort is delivered, for example, by the TTL mode, which makes the flash ready for work immediately. The range of action is also very large thanks to its guide number of 44 at ISO/21° and its 28-105 mm focal length zoom reflector. The illumination can be increased to cover a focal length of 20 mm with an optional wide-angle reflector. Because of its lean design, the risk of red-eye is reduced with the 44 AF-3. The simplified operating concept of the mecablitz 44 AF-3 sets out to make picture-taking enjoyable in every mode. Through a logically structured menu, only two mode buttons are needed. Manual operation is also possible. Furthermore, the new AF model permits synchronization to the rear shutter curtain. The so-called "fully dedicated" unit is available for SLR autofocus cameras from Canon, Minolta, Nikon and Pentax. In addition, a new 36 family of three has been added to the Metz product line. The guide number of 36 relates to a focal length of 85 mm at ISO 100/21°. All three models integrate modern technology and ease of operation in a lean housing. In the

new Metz 36 trio, the mecablitz 36 AF-3 stands out particularly with its exceptionally easy handling. Its integrated zoom reflector can be coordinated in the range 28-85 mm to the relevant focal length. The 36 AF-3 offers special modes such as fill-in flash in daylight to brighten up dark shadow areas, and an integrated AF metering flash that can be used as an effective focusing aid in poor light conditions. Flash readiness is indicated in the camera’s finder.