Kodak Nexpress S3000 Digital Production Color Press helps HR Imaging Focus on expanding its business

With the installation of its new Kodak Nexpress S3000 Digital Production Color Press, HR Imaging has taken its digital photo printing capabilities to new heights, Kodak said. The Variable Data Printing capabilities of the Nexpress S3000 Press enable HR Imaging to create unique, custom photo items for its growing customer base, including student identification cards, complete with photo and bar code information. The Nexpress S3000 Press is a five-color, high end production press in the Nexpress Press platform that helps users provide the results photographers want using a more sustainable print process with no VOCs, de-inkable sheets suitable for recycling, and a number of recyclable parts. The Nexpress S3000 Press uses press profiling and standard inks to match up to 82 percent of the Pantone spot color gamut with no custom mixing required, which adds application flexibility.

To make photo press products even more appealing to consumers and expand capabilities for photo service providers, Nexpress Presses add tactile effects to images using Kodak Nexpress Intelligent Dimensional Coating Solution and Kodak Nexpress Dimensional Clear Dry Ink that create raised printing. Enabled exclusively in conjunction with Kodak Nexpress Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions, Dimensional Printing gives images a look and feel that mimics the surface of the items in a photograph.