New Fujifilm ASK-2000 Thermal Photo Printer Offers Faster Printing, Simplified Maintenance

The ASK-1500 Thermal Photo Printer has become a key item in a variety of printing systems, earning a reputation as an affordable way to provide high-quality, high-speed commercial photo printing services with minimal space requirements. The new ASK-2000 model was developed in response to users’ requests for additional processing capacity and simplified maintenance.

The new ASK-2000 Thermal Photo Printer incorporates a new highly sensitive paper, ink ribbon, and a redesigned print mechanism to achieve a 1.5-times increase in print speed (compared to the current ASK-1500). Installed in a single-unit network configuration, the new ASK-2000 can output a single print (3.5 x 5/4R size) in 8 seconds; in a two-unit network configuration, printing time is reduced to just 4 seconds per print (3.5 x 5/4R size)*1.

The new full-frontal mechanism allows all operation and maintenance, from switching on the power to loading paper and changing ink ribbons, to be performed with the printer in place, a design that effectively saves space and simplifies maintenance tasks. The new paper/ink ribbon now produces 600 prints from a single roll, an increase from 500, which means less frequent replacement of consumables*2.

Combined with print order terminals or order-taking software, the new ASK-2000 makes it possible to create a Thermal Photo Print System for digital camera print services with minimal investment. The new DPC4 print order terminal, with its large, bright touch-sensitive panel and built-in receipt printer, accepts a wide range of digital camera and camera-phone media, and also offers high-speed wireless data transfer. The DPC4 can be networked with a PC for self-service digital camera print ordering, increasing the efficiency of in-store operations and eliminating mistaken orders and misplaced media*3.

Installation of order-taking application software on the PC lets customers select from an extensive menu of print types and produce their own photo CDs. Incorporating Fujifilm’s proprietary Image Intelligence*4 image processing technology, Fujifilm’s ET Software ensures high-quality prints, increases customer convenience, and makes it possible to offer added-value printing options.

Functioning as a key component in this and other print systems, the new ASK-2000 Thermal Photo Printer will play a significant role in the growth of retail photo services. Fujifilm will continue to offer innovative solutions to enhance the quality of photo communications.

*1. Does not include image processing and data transfer time. Increasing the number of printers in the network shortens print time, but the first print will always require at least 8 seconds for output.

*2. For 3.5 x 5/4R size prints

*3. DPC4 and ET Software can also output to Digital Minilab Frontier; the ASK-2000 and Frontier can be configured into a single network for enhanced output capacity.

*4. Image Intelligence is Fujifilm’s proprietary digital image processing software technology that automatically analyzes.