Kodak Dimensional Printing System impresses customers at Cohber Press

“As soon as we got Dimensional Printing up and running, we produced some samples and sent them out to our current and prospective customers,” said Eric Webber, President and CEO of Cohber Press. “The response was overwhelming, and we actually had a few customers who delayed their jobs to take advantage of the unique effects available with Dimensional Printing.”

Cohber Press uses digital printing to produce high-quality marketing collateral and direct mail, and is always on the lookout for technology that will set the company apart in a competitive field. Kodak Dimensional Printing immediately caught Webber’s attention when it was introduced, leading him to install it on the first of Cohber’s three Kodak Nexpress Presses.

“We see tremendous value in Dimensional for our customers,” added Webber. “The number of customers requesting Dimensional Printing is growing quickly, and I expect to see up to 20 percent of our jobs using the solution in the next few months.” He also reports that the solution is easy to learn and use for press operators.

The day after installing the Dimensional Printing capability, Cohber Press created a unique direct mail piece that featured the effect for its client Welch Allyn of Skaneateles Falls, N.Y. The client was looking for a better way to boost traffic to its booth at a trade show, soCohber’s production staff produced a mailer that included a raised border to highlight the graphic treatment throughout the piece. The project was a success, generating an increase in traffic to Welch Allyn’s booth as compared to previous years.

Print industry expert Frank Romano said of Kodak Dimensional Printing, “Because very few printers have applied this technology, those that enter the market will have an advantage. It adds a new capability to what they’re doing. It gives them a new revenue stream. It gives them a new opportunity for new business. And that’s what it’s all about. In this economy, we need to find new business and value-added printing, and Kodak Dimensional Printing does that.”