First book about photography with camera phones to be released in November

It is the Dutch author’s fourth book about digital photography in three years. In addition to tips on how to improve one’s photos, the book also educates the reader on how to send photos through mms (picture messaging), email and Bluetooth; make adjustments on the device; download files to the computer; enhance photos; print and use software and accessories. The book contains over one hundred beautiful photos that were all taken with mobile phones. Publication rights for other countries will be sold at the upcoming Photokina. For more information (in Dutch) go to or (international)

Export, Photokina, PixelPerfect

De Ruiter’s recent book ‘Digital photography without a manual’ will be released in Germany in February 2007, titled ‘Digital fotografieren ohne Gebrauchsanweisung’ (Bassermann Verlag). In order to promote the sale of the publication rights of his books to other countries De Ruiter’s PixelPerfect Publications has a stand at this year’s Photokina in Köln (26 September – 1 October), hall 10.2 B 044, and he will be present at the Frankfurter Buchmesse.

Previous books about digital photography by Peter de Ruiter

– Digital photography without a manual (for everyone, December 2005, second edition)

– Pixelkids (photographing children, for parents, November 2004, second edition)

– Digital photography on the road (for travellers, March 2004, fifth edition)

All books have been published by Uitgeverij Elmar in Rijswijk and are available in book-, photo-, and department stores in The Netherlands and through the Internet.

Photobooks by Peter de Ruiter

Beautiful Bangladesh (September 2006, charity book, proceedings go to Unicef and Oxfam)

The island of St. Maarten (2004)

Coastal inhabitants (2005, charity book to help the rebuilding after the tsunami)