In memoriam Mr. Kanishi Nishimoto

As early as 1951, Kanichi Nishimoto laid the base of Noritsu Koki with the development of an automatic print washer, which could be used even in times of power failure – an indispensable feature at this time. The demand was so big that, in 1956, Noritsu Koki Manufacturing Ltd was established in Wakayama City. During the following years, processors for black-and-white and color films were added – with innovative features that greatly advanced the automation in film processing. During the following years, the company established sales offices all over Japan and continued to launch innovative lab equipment. In 1976, the QSS-1 (= Quick Service System-1) was developed – the origin of the QSS series of minilabs. The industry responded immediately, and Noritsu America Corporation was established in 1978.

The next landmark was the launch of the QSS-2 in 1979. It incorporated a microprocessor, and carried out a whole series of operations from film development right through to color printing in 45 minutes, creating great excitement particularly in America and, in the following years, made Noritsu a global player in the photo business.

New markets were added quickly: Noritsu UK Ltd. started in 1980, Noritsu Germany in 1981, Noritsu China as early as 1986. Today, the company markets its comprehensive range of minilabs, which has been continuously improved up to the highest digital standards, in virtually all markets of the world, and has also entered new segments such as inkjet and large-format printing in recent years.

The publisher of INTERNATIONAL CONTACT, who had the privilege to meet Mr. Nishimoto some years ago, joins the uncountable number of people in the industry who offer their sympathy to Mr. Nishimotos family and the management and employees of Noritsu Koki. We will never forget his friendly character, his entrepreneurial spirit and his humanitarian attitude.

Mr. Tsutomu Satani, who served as executive vice president and Co-CEO before Mr. Nishimoto’s death, has been appointed to take his place as Noritsu Koki’s president and CEO.