Fujifilm Dimatix launches Q-Class Emerald printheads for performance graphics

Designated the Emerald QE-256/30 AAA and QE-256/80 AAA, the new 30-picoliter and 80-picoliter printhead models combine precise, high-speed multi-pulse binary jetting and versatile grayscale operation with a durable, field-proven metal nozzle plate that supports aqueous, UV-curable and solvent ink formulations. This construction was specifically chosen to accommodate broad variations in fluid jetting characteristics to facilitate development of new printer designs ideally suited to scanning architectures.

Based on the highly versatile Dimatix Q-Class platform, the new Emerald models feature 256 individually addressable channels arranged in a single row at 100 dots-per-inch spacing. The Fujifilm Dimatix printhead design allows every jet to operate concurrently with low crosstalk and excellent channel-to-channel uniformity. This enables the printhead to achieve a high throughput rate without trading off drop placement accuracy and deliver precision jetting at full production speed.