Enhanced Kodak Express Digital Solutions website delivers more interactive consumer experience

Kodak Express Digital Solutions also features three “edutainment” games, which incorporates educational and entertainment elements to create a unique online experience. The site tallies scores for each game and players can send e-mail to friends and family to challenge them to beat their score after each game. A leader board tracks high scores from around the world to stoke good-natured competition.

Creating a “Destination Store

Also included at the site is a new Web module that gives Kodak Express retailers options for modernizing their store layouts. The “Destination Store” is an interactive module available to all storeowners and includes store layout schematics and suggestions to view or download to help retailers transform the look and feel of their stores. Suggested layouts can transform stores from isolated products displays to showcases for a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that create a dynamic and engaging customer experience.

These store designs were successfully used in two Kodak Express stores in different countries. In Cape Town, South Africa, Deon van der Vyer, owner of Superfoto Photographic has seen a 40 percent increase in business since it opened in October 2008. He states, “People stop and turn their heads. They come in, sit down and enjoy using the kiosks. Camera sales at Christmas, created a crowd! I am very happy with the results."

Dennis Portieri, owner of Magic Photo in Buenos Aires, Argentina says, “Since adopting the Kodak Express Experiential store design, we’ve offered our customers a more inviting experience, both in terms of what they can do in the store and how everything is presented to them, Our customers feel very comfortable spending time in the areas such as Create It and Print It, working with their pictures. Also, our staff is spending more time in front of the counter, interacting with customers. Overall, we’ve seen an increase in the both the amount of foot traffic in the store, as well as the amount of printing that goes on in our store.”

Kodak Creative Production Software (KCPS)

In addition to the store design, Kodak introduced Kodak Creative Production Software V3.0, a powerful workflow software designed specifically for the photo specialty retailer. With Kodak Creative Production Software, retailers get a robust backbone architecture necessary to import images from many sources, enhance image quality, efficiently create custom products, and send images to a wide variety of printing devices, including Kodak Adaptive Picture Exchange (APEX) and Kodak DL2100 Printer. The software allows retailers to focus on the specific services they wish to offer, both in front of the counter and behind the counter. Its easy-to-use, flexible, creative tools enable a higher level of customer service and value-added product differentiation. This software, as well as Kodak APEX, illustrates the ways in which Kodak frees retailers from behind the computer to spend more time engaging with consumers.