CeWe Color: Group profit to be fully distributed

Attractive dividend yield of 6.6 percent on the actual share price On the basis of the actual share price (1 April 2009, 2:40 pm, Xetra), shareholders will receive a dividend yield of 6.6%. CeWe Color is hence remaining true to its dividend strategy of past years. “A substantial amount of cash flow enables us to allow shareholders to participate in the positive development of business, in spite of high restructuring costs and capital expenditure”, says Dr. Rolf Hollander, Chairman of the Board of Management of CeWe Color Holding AG.

Increasing profits as of 2010 are to increase dividends. The Board of Management expects to see income and dividends rising as of 2010 since restructuring activities will be completed during the current business year. Dr. Rolf Hollander: “We are delighted that we have been able to offer our shareholders a dividend of one euro or more for each share, even in the past few years of restructuring. We expect to see income and dividends rising after this restructuring phase.” In March CeWe Color announced that it would be closing production plants in Paris and in Teplice (Czech Republic). This was the conclusion of a restructuring phase that has taken five years. During this time earnings had been reduced by more than ten million euros in restructuring costs every year. “As of 2010 there will no longer be any extra costs to bear,” says Dr. Hollander.

Recently clearly positive share-price development. In the past few weeks CeWe Color shareholders were delighted to see the share price gaining significantly. Inspired by the end of the restructuring phase announced by the company and by its return to the SDAX in March 2009, the share price rose by approx. 22 percent in March. Dr. Rolf Hollander: “The end of the restructuring measures, which had become necessary through the transformation from analogue to digital photography, is an important milestone in the development of CeWe Color as an enterprise. Our shareholders have registered this turning point very observantly.”