Ecologically friendly ROLLEI photo chemistry!

In support of the high-quality B&W chemistry, 24 years ago, in the Geesthacht/Elbe founded company LABOR PARTNER GmbH, a new manufacture will likewise originate in Geesthacht, reached in which not only new products were developed under the trade name ROLLEI, but also an absolutely new packaging technology.

For the first time in history of the photo chemistry, the P.E.T. known from the food industry is used. The very thin plastic material is gas-proof like glass, by which a considerably longer durability of the concentrates is guaranteed, and is made for easier keeping of advent amounts. In addition, it is light-proof, so that the contents are optimally protected against injurious of ultra-violet rays. A child protection, as well as a guarantee cap, round-up the advantage of the new bottles. The new P.E.T. bottles are provided with water resistant labels, likewise made also from P.E.T., into three languages, with short, succinct information to the application and productivity.

ROLLEI offers the new paper developer PRINT PLUS, for a very attractive price – and this not only to its market launch.