Canon announced the launch of ‘Therefore 2009’

Building on the success of its predecessor, the new version of Therefore incorporates a brand new Graphical User Interface, delivering a more intuitive user experience. Central to this, the eCopy desktop connector ensures that documents scanned through a Canon MFP can be fed directly into the document management system through a simple link on screen. It also enables users to view documents from over 250 file types, without the need to purchase and install third party software.

Tracey Fielden, Head of Office Marketing, Canon UK, says, "Our research highlights the need for a comprehensive document management solution that can be used across small and large enterprises. Therefore 2009 is an innovative print and document management solution that accelerates the entire process of accessing and sharing information throughout an organisation, improving workflow and boosting productivity in the office.

"For example, using an advanced document management system like Therefore 2009 reduces routine copying and filing activities in an HR department by 25%; introducing a formal workflow system in accounts receivable cuts late payments by 50%. Additionally, the electronic processing of delivery documentation reduces the time taken chasing and sorting documents by 46%, and halves the number of lost documents."

Therefore 2009 is scalable through Personal, Workgroup or Business editions. The entry level ‘Personal Edition’ is designed for single use or small business users, and can be seamlessly upgraded as the company grows. The ‘Workgroup Edition’ (between five and ten employees), allows organisations to capture, manage and retrieve structured, business-critical information such as invoices and contracts, and effectively share it within their organisation. It also includes the Therefore Web Client: a flexible solution for home workers which enables users to securely view and access files remotely via the internet. The software is also compatible with Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes, enabling the automatic storage of emails to a central depositary.

The final configuration is the ‘Business Edition’, designed for larger organisations or those who require workflow functionality. This allows customers to automate defined business processes using the integrated Workflow feature, eliminating the need for common manual workflows, leading to cost savings, a reduction in errors and increased efficiency.

The software allows all organisations to define policies on the retention of data held on their systems and adjust settings within the solution to comply with any regulations it must adhere to. This ensures that documents are held only as long as required. It also allows critical information administrators to define rules with strict control on access to electronic documents held on the system, whilst monitoring who is opening and updating files.