New Kodak Nexpress SE Digital Production Color Platform

One of the most significant features of the SE Platform is the new Kodak Nexpress Intelligent Calibration System (ICS), which allows the press operator to automate the process of ensuring uniformity of printed output. According to the manufacturer, this automated process takes less than five minutes and is an integral part of the image quality enhancements delivered in the Nexpress SE Platform. Using a Kodak i1220 ICS Scanner to capture and analyze color output and feed critical data back to the system for closed-loop color calibration, ICS also comprises an easy-to-use software application that sits directly on the digital front end of the press, giving customers greater uptime and the ability to run a wider range of demanding jobs.

The new press uses the Kodak Nexpress Enhanced Dry Ink and Kodak Nexpress Developer, a new formulation of ink and developer designed to improve image quality by delivering offset class smooth flat tints, and print consistency across jobs and over time. It also features 25 percent more ink per bottle, reducing bottle waste and time to reload ink. To complement the Enhanced Dry Inks, hardware modifications in the imaging modules improve output smoothness, consistency, and uniformity, Kodak said.