Young adults play a vital role in the digital imaging market

Clearly, this consumer segment is highly engaged in digital photography and it represents opportunities for all types of vendors in the digital imaging market. The high number of photos that this group takes makes young adults a great target for photo sharing and printing vendors. The fact that they store such a high number of photos points to an opportunity for storage vendors, memory card vendors, and online services. In addition, all young adults replace their digital cameras at a faster rate than the total population, and males spend significantly more than the general population when purchasing a digital camera, making this segment an important one for digital camera vendors as well. Meanwhile, female young adults save, edit, print, share, transfer, and organize a greater percentage of their photos. Digital imaging software and storage vendors as well as photo printing and online service providers should pay close attention to this consumer segment.

Ed Lee, Group Director at InfoTrends, commented, “Digital photography plays a central role in the lives of many young adults. For some it is about capturing and preserving memories, but for many others it is an indispensable form of social interaction.”