X-Loupe Helps Digital Camera Zoom-In Microns

The combination of X-Loupe series and a digital camera functions as a digital portable field microscope. The application of X-Loupe series can be very broad, for example, branded items appreciation, education, research, antique authentication, industrial quality control, and dermatology screening. While the electronic microscopy might be too professed to be accessed by the general public, X-Loupe series works with a digital camera and provides amateurs another excellent and handy choice of a digital portable field microscope.

The pocket-sized design of X-Loupe series enables the product mobility. Unlike the conventional microscopy which is usually heavy and cumbersome, the cooperation of X-Loupe series and a digital camera provides users many flexible and adaptable functions when they are utilized under various circumstances. With its build-in 4 dimmable white-light LEDs, X-Loupe overcomes one of the most challenge tasks, illumination, in micro-photography, and pictures can be shot at anytime even under the darkness.

X-Loupe series allows users to preview the image through object lens with different magnifying powers such as 60X, 100X, and 150X. On the other hand, users can also browse images at anytime from the LCD screen on the backside of the digital camera. The digital camera can be directly connected with a PC or a TV. Furthermore, images can be easily printed out by using USB 2.0 interface connected with any PictBridge compatible printer.

When taking the picture, the far edge of the objective can either have a direct contact with the object that is going to be shot, or have a non-direct contact by using a circular latex strand to cover the far edge of the objective. There is no specific requirement on the usage of a circular latex strand, and the sharpness of pictures eventually depends on users’ operation.

Other features of the X-Loupe series include:

Lens Design: High Performance Aberration-Corrected Aspherical Lenses

Lens Material: Schott No-Lead Optical Grade Glass

Coating: Multi-Layer Anti-Reflection (AR) Coating

FOV (Field of View): 60X:16mm*12mm; 100X: 9mm*6.5mm; 150X: 6mm*4.5mm

Digital Still Camera: Modified Canon IXUS 60

Power Source for both X-Loupe Microscope Lens Module and Digital Still Camera (DSC): Canon NB4L or Compatible Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries.

Battery Duration of X-Loupe Microscope Lens Module: 5 hours

Weight of X-Loupe Microscope Lens Module: Less than 150g (battery included)

Weight with DSC: Less than 300g (battery included)