World Ocean Day brings Ocean Conservation into Focus

Photographers of all experience levels—including conservationists, scientists, divers, travelers and students—are encouraged to vie for the Grand Prize: a diving vacation that includes a seven-night stay at Matava, a premier eco-adventure resort in Fiji. Prizes also include sterling silver coral-inspired necklaces from Hannah Garrison, 16 tons of carbon offsets from NativeEnergy and more.

Photographers with an environmental eye will compete for prizes in two contest categories: “Species of Concern/Ecosystem Decline” and “Humans and the Ocean: Impacts and Solutions.” These images will help researchers, educators and non-governmental organizations depict and address ocean issues.

“As AWARE divers, we have a personal relationship with underwater environments and often see damage to underwater ecosystems,” said Jenny Miller Garmendia. “But we are also often part of the solution by participating in ongoing conservation projects around the world. This photo contest gives divers and water enthusiasts opportunities to tell these conservation stories through powerful imagery.”

“This photo contest is geared toward advancing ocean conservation through the power of imagery,” said SeaWeb President Dawn M. Martin. “There are many problems to be addressed in the ocean. Anyone who holds a camera in their hand has the power to change the hearts and minds of people around them through the images they capture and the inspiration those images can provide.”

The contest, beginning June 8, 2009, will accept photo entries through August 27, 2009.