widePrint with Central Laboratory Productivity – The new wide format printer from Imaging Solutions

Just like the very successful high-speed printer fastPrint from Imaging Solutions, the widePrint printer is easily integrated into the existing workflows of central laboratories and online photofinishers.

widePrint works well in standard production workflows. It can process image data from fastScan digitized in 4Base or 8Base resolution as well as 16Base data from reScan. And, of course, widePrint can also be controlled via the image data server netGate or other image login stations, such as fastEntry.

widePrint shows its full power in the production of value added photo products in purePhoto quality. Connected to the Imaging Solutions’ image management software suite that includes workControl and pageCreate, it receives batches to be exposed for post and greeting cards, calendars or photo books.

The well-proven DLP exposure technology from Texas Instruments used in fastPrint also serves as the exposure engine in the new widePrint. The DMD Chip with its 2.2 million micromirrors that focuses the light pixel by pixel on the photo paper is the heart of the exposure unit. The high resolution of 300 ppi for all formats, a color depth of 11 bits per color and the ICC profiling for the color management provide purePhoto quality.

widePrint processes photo paper of widths ranging between 8.9 and 22 cm (3.5" and 8.66") and allows print lengths between 5.2 and 66 cm (2.05" and 26") at present, with an extension to 1.35 m (53.2") in the near future. This flexibility allows the wide format printer to be used for standard print production to cope with the high season peaks during the summer months when wide format volume is lower.

First deliveries of the wide format printer widePrint will start at the beginning of 2007.