VISIT MPG 1500, the portable outlet!

Whereas, in the past, heavy and expensive generator sets were necessary and produced noise and exhaust gas, nowadays the VISIT MPG 1500 inverter is available as a source of energy.

The Mobile Power Generator measures only 23 x 13.5 x 32.5 cm (LxWxH) and is astonishingly powerful for its size!

It has two outlets which allow for the operation of a maximum of 2 x 500 J flash devices or 1 device with 1000 J and 1 device with 500 J of flash power. Of course, other electrical devices, such as laptops or personal computers can also be plugged in. The only requirement is that power consumption should not be too high (max. 300W).

A quickly replaceable battery drawer with a lead gel battery and no inconvenient memory effect serves as a power supply. With this system, a 500 J device can yield approximately 130 flashes at full power. If a modelling light is being used, the number of flashes is reduced.

Additional battery drawer increase the capacity accordingly and can be changed in seconds, thanks to the brilliant tray system.

The drawer are compatible with those of the HENSEL Porty 1200 B system and thus facilitate multiple utilisation.

In total, there are three possible ways of charging the batteries:

By means of a charger connected to the mains at any power outlet (110 V – 240 V, automatic selection) or with the VISIT Car Adapter on all normal 12 V car batteries.

Alternatively, the device can be charged using the VISIT Car Charger on the car cigarette lighter socket or by means of a 12 V electrical outlet.

Finally, you can carry your own personal outlet in our hand luggage, thereby greatly enhancing the potential applications of your mains-powered devices.

The device is available for either 115 V or 230 V output voltage.

The generator is available from HENSEL Studiotechnik, 97076 Würzburg (Germany) for just under a thousand euros.