VISIT Car Adapter

Unlimited flashes!

The Visit Car Adapter increases the capacity of your Porty 1200 B or of your VISIT MPG 1500 inverter to a virtually unlimited extent!

If the adapter is inserted in place of the battery drawer, the required current can be taken directly from a 12 V car battery by means of the terminal clamps. If the battery is recharged by the car engine, the adapter can be operated for a practically unlimited time. The same is true if several batteries which are independent of the car are available.

Thus, for example, with a normal 88 Ah car battery and a Porty 1200 B at full power, you have more than 2000 flashes at your fingertips. A 36 Ah battery still yields approximately 850 flashes.

Electronics with an integrated interference suppression filter guarantee the optimal power supply to the devices. Thanks to electronic protection against miswiring and the sturdy terminal clamps, all kinds of contact problems are reliably avoided.

Connector cable (approx. 5 m) with terminal clamps for 12 V car batteries. The housing is compatible in type and design with the Porty 1200 B or the VISIT MPG 1500 inverter battery drawer.

Measurements: (LxWxH) 221 x 118 x 90 mm. Weight: only approx. 2 kg.