Use More Lights on Location with Bowens Turbopak

Similar in proportion to the Explorer 1500, the Turbopak is just as portable but with the added benefit of being able to power four Bowens Esprit Gemini units, so with four 750Ws you have up to 3000Ws of energy at your disposal.

Unlike the Travelpak, the Turbopak battery is removable allowing you to charge the battery outside of the unit. Spare batteries are available to buy which means you can charge one battery while using another and then swap them over when used on lengthy or extended photo-shoots.

The Turbopak is also compatible with the Heavy-Duty Battery, doubling its capacity.

Technical Data:

Weight: 9.8Kg

Height: 242mm

Depth: 270mm

Width: 180mm

Charge Time: 5hrs approx