Toshiba Tec begins providing a cloud printing and mobile printing services

First new service is the Cloud Printing service with Toshiba MFP, "e-STUDIO" that makes smooth and easy collaboration of data possible with cloud computing function for Google Docs, Evernote, and Dropbox. By using cloud computing, data can be saved directly from multi function peripherals (MFP) without having to use computers or servers, and can be output via the cloud.

Second new service is the Mobile Printing service with applications "ePrint" and "Cortado Workplace." In order to capture business opportunities presented by the diffusion of mobile devices, a solution, "ePrint" by Microtech Corp. that seamlessly links paper documents and electronic data has been created to provide output services directly from mobile devices to MFPs. This service does not require dedicated client software or servers and can be easily installed in mobile devices by downloading applications from Mac App Store and Android Market.

Due to the rapid expansion in smartphones and other mobile devices, the method by which users access the Internet is changing dramatically. Printing out information while using a PC to browse the Internet is a matter of course, but now the need for the same capability to print out websites directly from mobile devices accessing the Internet is increasing.

To respond to these needs, Toshiba TEC has started a service that allows direct printing to MFPs from iPhone, iPad, iOS terminals, and Android OS terminals. The application "ePrint" enables mobile device users to print directly to MFPs.

In addition to the "ePrint" service, Toshiba TEC has started another Mobile Printing service with "Cortado Workplace" by ThinPrint AG. Toshiba TEC becomes a member of the Cortado Cloud Printing Alliance, a partnership started by Cortado, a division of ThinPrint AG. With this membership, "Cortado Workplace" is now available with TOSHIBA MFP, and it offers easy on-demand printing for any content, with any device, at any location and hereby continues to constantly improve its solution portfolio.

Corporate interest in leveraging cloud computing capabilities increased as they sought to reduce costs in the aftermath of the "Lehman Shock," and as advances in networking progressed. And today’s MFPs have become a part of this cloud computing trend as well, given that paper output is still important despite the advance of the digitalization. Moreover, server and operational costs of digitalizing paper documents have also become a concern for corporations. To solve these problems, "e-STUDIO" is equipped with high performance browser and uses a control panel that offers the same level of operability as a personal computer. This eliminates the need for PCs and server applications and allows MFPs to easily integrate with clouds, thereby reducing costs and raising efficiencies.

Paper documents can be more easily shared as electronic data in clouds. Also, documents stored as electronic data in the cloud by MFP can be readily viewed from mobile devices wherever there is Internet connectivity. Furthermore image data taken by mobile devices saved in to the cloud can be easily accessed and printed from MFPs.

In addition, storage of electronic data on cloud services prevents paper documents and electronic data kept on in-house servers from being lost or damaged in accidents or natural disasters, and helps to ensure continuity of data and corporate businesses.

Moreover, this service makes it possible to synchronize authentication functions, and register website URLs in advance by each user. Furthermore this service provides "immediate access to data, and the ability to output data as paper documents on site."