Toshiba introduces new range of digital imaging products

The new Journe Air 801 and Journe Air 1000 digital photoframes both include integrated Wi-Fi modules which give direct, easy connections to RSS feeds or to Flickr and Picasa albums, allowing users to change and display pictures from large internet-based collections without having to load them directly onto the device. The Journe Air 1000 also features a remote control and the ability to receive Shoutcast internet radio, while the Journe Air 801 comes with a Sub-View mode which allows the frame to be used as an extended surface on computer desktops – ideal for running IM or video content without cluttering the main screen.

The perfect accompaniment to the Journe photoframes is the Journe Scan – a portable scanner which can digitalise print pictures, helping to bring them to life and keep safe from degradation. Just 17cm in length and weighing only 170g, the lightweight scanner captures images in JPEG format to display directly on a digital photoframe or to store on a computer or storage device for safe keeping or photo editing.

The Journe Air photoframes are available from March 09. The Journe Scanner will be available from June 09.