The Olympus FE-170 and FE-180

Olympus brings the fun and freedom of digital photography home to everyone. Even if you’re not a technical whiz or don’t even own a computer, the 6.0 million pixel FE-170 and FE-180 make taking and printing quality photos a real snap. With a "one button, one function" design principle that is supported by an on-screen help function providing easy-to-understand descriptions of camera settings, creating great photos is simplicity in itself. Getting them to paper is also a breeze. Prints can be made directly at home on a printer – without the need for a PC – as well as at numerous photo labs. And thanks to the cameras’ high resolutions, even large-format photo prints are sure to come up a real treat. Both models are stylishly designed – the FE-180 even features a metal front – and gracing their rear is a clear and bright 6.4cm LCD that enables easy composition framing and instant viewing of results. For even greater versatility – especially for water sports enthusiasts – an optional Outdoor Case for the FE-170 will be available soon.

These 3x zoom cameras deliver superbly-detailed images with 6.0 million pixel quality. Their compact, stylish form lets them be taken along everywhere – so no photo opportunity needs to be missed. And when the shots have been made, the large 6.4cm LCD lets the results be inspected and shown to friends right away.

Forget having to consult the manual for taking your first shots: The FE-170 and FE-180 are designed for maximum shooting ease. The "one button, one function" design makes searching through menus to find the most common functions a thing of the past. Further support is provided by the help function which assists in more advanced settings. Ten scene modes are on hand for any type of composition, such as Sports, Fireworks or Self Portrait. And an ultra-close focusing range of just 5cm in Super Macro mode enhances the creative opportunities.

The cameras also incorporate a movie function – with recording length only limited by the available memory capacity. On top of the internal memory, additional storage space can be simply and inexpensively acquired via the purchase of widely-available xD-Picture Cards.

For users with a PC, both the FE-170 and FE-180 come with the Olympus Master Software. This enables trouble-free downloading, organising, editing and the versatile printing of images using a computer. And the update to the Plus version even allows the application of special photo artistic effects including 3D and oil painting.

Combining surprisingly easy use and a stylish, compact design without compromising quality, the very attractively-priced Olympus FE-170 and FE-180 are an ideal choice for beginners to digital photography and all those demanding straightforward shooting enjoyment. Both models will be available from September 2006*, with a waterproof Outdoor Case for the FE-170 hitting the shelves soon after.

The Olympus FE-170 / FE-180 – main features:

– 6.0 million pixels

– One button, one function design principle

– 38-114mm (35mm camera equivalent), 1:3.1-5.9

– 6.4cm/2.5" LCD

– 10 scene modes (e.g. Sports, Fireworks, Self Portrait)

– Movie recording up to card capacity (FE-180 with sound)

– Internal memory plus xD-Picture Card slot

– Comes with 2 AA batteries (FE-180 is capable of recording up to

600 shots with one set of batteries)

– Supplied with Olympus Master Software

– Multi-language menu (with 10 languages) plus possibility to download further languages from the internet (25 European languages available)

– Optional Outdoor Case for FE-170 available

* Please note: The FE-180 may only be available at selected retailers