The 10x zoom Olympus SP-510 UZ

Chances are, with the Olympus SP-510 UZ you’ll never again miss out on any promising photo opportunity. Thanks to its powerful 10x optical zoom lens (equiv. to 38-380mm) photographers can always focus on the action and bring even extremely far-away subjects in close. 7.1 million pixels are on hand to produce exceptionally sharp pictures with stunning detail. And there’s no need to worry when the sun starts to set and the natural light fades away – thanks to Olympus’ own BrightCapture Technology, the SP-510 UZ delivers great results even in low-light conditions, with ISO values reaching an amazing 4000*. Moreover, this model is very energy efficient. Just one set of AA batteries will last for up to 630** shots, meaning the shooting enjoyment keeps going longer.

Picture being on a wildlife safari, a trip that you have dreamed of your whole life, and suddenly noticing a herd of zebras on the horizon. Rather than taking your vehicle closer and running the risk of scaring them away, the SP-510 UZ offers a huge advantage. With its 10x optical zoom (equiv. to 38-380mm), subjects can be brought in close – even from great distances. This opens up amazing shooting opportunities to give users a decisive advantage in an enormous range of shooting situations. Furthermore, when in 3.0 million pixel mode, a special Fine Zoom option is available that boosts magnification to a phenomenal 15x, which corresponds to a total focal range of 38-570mm (on a 35mm camera).

The 6.4cm LCD makes framing an effortless affair too, as it is big enough to let even small details be picked up. Meanwhile, the camera’s 7.1 million pixels ensure that the great motifs captured will translate into equally impressive results. And amazingly, considering its stunning ultra-zoom capabilities, the camera retains a surprisingly compact form.

The SP-510 UZ not only lets you get closer to the action, it also lets you see more in dark conditions thanks to BrightCapture Technology. It boosts the ISO value to a striking 4000*, which lessens the need to use the flash and helps avoid blurry images due to camera shake. 21 pre-defined scene modes are available to ensure the best results in a wide range of shooting environments and situations. And to meet even ambitious photographers’ demands, the SP-510 UZ also offers numerous manual control options. Besides Aperture and Shutter Priority, full manual control is possible to give abounding room for creativity and experimentation.

Guaranteeing understandability and ease of use, up to 25 languages are available for the camera menu, manual and the included Olympus Master Software. For data storage, an xD-Picture Card slot is built in, as well as the model’s internal memory. And so the shooting enjoyment goes on and on – a set of four AA batteries lasts for up to 630** shots!

Its potent 10x zoom and other technical finesses make the 7.1 million pixel SP-510 UZ perfect for people who want capture the action wherever it is – whether at family gatherings or out in nature. The camera will hit the shelves from September 2006.

The Olympus SP-510 UZ – main features:

– 7.1 million pixels

– 10x optical zoom (equiv. to 38-380mm on a 35mm model)

– 15x Fine Zoom option with 3MP

– 6.4cm/2.5" LCD

– BrightCapture Technology for better low-light photography

– Digital Image Stabilisation Mode

– ISO 50-1600 with full 7.1MP, ISO 2500/4000 in 3MP mode via manual setting

– 21 scene modes (incl. Landscape, Beach&Snow, Night Scene)

– Multi-language menu with 10 languages plus possibility to download 15 more languages from the internet (on board: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Czech, Polish, Danish, Dutch)

– Supplied with Olympus Master Software and 4 AA batteries for 630** shots

* In 3.0 million pixel mode

** According to CIPA standard