Studiolite range extended to include digitally controlled lightbanks

The efficient reflector design of the Studiolite maximises the available light and creates a remarkably even light spread. The easily replaceable, lamps boast a money-saving 10,000 + hour life and come in a choice of light output, colour temperature ranging from tungsten to Daylight.

Just like the original Studiolite, the DMX units are available in both 4 and 8 tube versions and share the wide range of light-shaping accessories including Barn Doors, Softboxes and Grids.

Technical Data:

Model: DMX455

Weight: 5.0Kg

Height: 400mm

Width: 650mm

Depth: 120mm

Model: DMX855

Weight: 8.6kg

Height: 670mm

Width: 650mm

Depth: 120mm