Sony Ericsson launches its business in Korea with the unveiling of the Xperia X1

XperiaX1 is an arc-slider multimedia phone, and meets the demand for personalised mobile web communication and multimedia entertainment. Specific to the Korean market, additional components and accessories including a battery with charger, a 4G micro SD card installed with the movie Spiderman 3 will accompany every purchase of the Xperia™ X1. The first 1,000 customers will get their names engraved on their X1 and a luxurious leather phone case for free, making it truly personalized.

“Our vision for the Xperia X1 is to deliver a seamless blend of mobile web communication and multimedia entertainment in a distinctive stylish design, Customised panel interface on the Xperia X1 means that our customers will be able to live their lives to the fullest by enjoying the premium experience of energised communications in their own way.” said Hirokazu Ishizuka, Corporate Vice President and Head of Asia Pacific Region of Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications. “We are very excited to establish Sony Ericsson’s presence in Korea and firmly believe that we have the right product to offer to Korean consumers,” said Hirokazu Ishizuka, Corporate Vice President and Head of the Asia Pacific region. “Working closely with our strategic partner, SK Telecom, we will build the Sony Ericsson brand awareness and increase our mindshare within the marketplace.”