Soft reflector for broncolor Ringflash C

Thanks to the soft reflector, the model appears more three-dimensional; disturbing reflections on the subject become distinctly less visible. The new lightshaper provides the user a large variety of possibilities for light control. A plus is the high light yield at a 2 m distance with 3200 J f:45 6/10. The heavy-duty flash tube can be put to work in quick succession up to 3200 J. Due to the high ability to work under pressure of this quartz flash tube, and the powerful fan cooling, the Ringflash C is ideal, also with the soft reflector, for high power flash series.

The new lightshaper is available for delivery with immediate effect.

People, fashion and still-life photographers will rejoice about their new soft reflector!

On the next page we are showing you a direct comparison between the application with a soft reflector and without. The softer light and broader shadows are clearly visible!