Sigma announces a new compact digital camera

Sigma introduced to the market in March, 2008, the DP1 with its direct image sensor; the same sensor utilized by the Sigma SD14 digital SLR. It was called a “unique, groundbreaking, compact digital camera with all the power of a digital SLR”. Since then, the multi-award winning DP1 has earned respect among a wide range of both amateur and professional photographers and has gained their ardent support.

Building on this success, the DP2 has arrived and is equipped with a 24.2mm F2.8 lens, equivalent to 41mm on a 35mm SLR camera, increasing creative possibilities, providing superior image quality and improving handling and performance.

The DP2 includes a RAW recording mode for retaining full image capture detail of the utmost quality plus a JPEG recording format for convenience. The RAW data format uses lossless compression for more compact, yet uncompromised, data files. The RAW data format of the DP2 keeps brightness and color data in a 1:1 ratio without relying on interpolation.

The DP2 comes complete with Sigma Photo Pro software, a RAW image developer that converts all RAW data quickly and easily. Adjustments can be made in three separate modes. The X3F Mode stores the original settings of the image at the point of capture. In the Auto Adjustment Mode, the software analyzes and automatically makes adjustments to the RAW data. The Custom Mode allows the photographer to make individual adjustments. The photographer can make changes easily and quickly by simply adjusting the slider controls within the software.