Samsung launches two new digital cameras with powerful intelligent features

Samsung’s new IT100 offers users a 28mm wide-angle lens while the PL65 features a standard 35mm lens. Both the IT100 and PL65 offer users a powerful 5x optical zoom paired with Optical and Digital Image Stabilization. Shooters have the option of simply using Optical Image Stabilization to help reduce blur caused by hand shake, which is ideal for well lit environments. Or, users can choose Dual Image Stabilization and combine the strengths of Optical and Digital Image Stabilization. Dual Image Stabilization is ideal for low-light environments and is activated automatically where the use of a flash is not desired. Samsung’s new IT100 and PL65 also boast large three inch LCD screens for composing shots and reviewing photos and video.

The new IT100 offers consumers high-definition video recording at a resolution of 720p, as well as HDMI connectivity, allowing the camera to be connected to an HDTV through a cradle for reviewing footage and photos. The camera also utilizes H.264 compression, an advanced codec that allows users to record video for longer periods of time. The PL65 offers users advanced MPEG-4 video recording at a resolution of 640×480. For both the IT100 and PL65, consumers can use the 5x optical zooms and Optical Image Stabilization while recording video.

The new IT100 and PL65 offer an array of automatic controls, including Samsung’s Smart Auto mode. When in use, Smart Auto will automatically choose from one of the cameras’ 11 “scene modes,” selecting the most appropriate mode for the shooter’s environment. For example, if the user is taking a photo of a mountain range, Smart Auto will automatically select the “Landscape” scene mode. If the user proceeds to take a photo of an individual, Smart Auto will switch to the “Portrait” scene mode with no manual action required.

In addition to Smart Auto, the IT100 and PL65 also feature Samsung’s proprietary Smart Album program, which allows users to search through the various files they have saved on their memory card for a specific image. Smart Album automatically organizes the user’s digital images and gives them the ability to narrow their search based on the date or month the image was taken, the file type, the overall color tone and whether it’s a photo, video, or voice memo.

Other automatic features found on the IT100 and PL65 include Face Detection, Blink Detection, Smile Shot, and Beauty Shot. Designed to help capture better portraits and group shots of family and friends, Face Detection technology detects up to nine faces and automatically adjusts focus and exposure to ensure better composition and image quality. Smile Shot automatically triggers the IT100 and PL65 to take a photo only when a smile is detected on the subjects’ faces, and Blink Detection will automatically fire two consecutive shots if a subject’s eyes are closed. Beauty Shot is a progressive function that can automatically brighten and even out skin tones as well as remove blemishes.

Both models will ship in March 2009. The IT100 will be available in silver, mid gray, “arty” red, and midnight. The PL65 will be available in black, silver, gray, and pink.