ROLLEI BLACK MAGIC B&W liquid emulsions!

BLACK MAGIC offers a wide application spectrum, by the assortment restrictions of the available photo papers, respectively task of this product area, on part of some manufacturers, which had closed the resulted gap, with an liquid emulsions again. In addition, with BLACK MAGIC, stone materials can be coated, tiles, glasses, cardboard, and a lot more, to be processed nearly by every amateur or professional lab. With the application of, BLACK MAGIC no limitations are put to the creativity.

BLACK MAGIC is available with normal and variable gradation, whose contrast can be steered through filter. For the pre-treatment, a special additive of purest photo gelatine is available, and for the hardening.

To allow an inexpensive entrance to prospective customers, ROLLEI offers the liquid emulsion BLACK MAGIC, now also in a reasonable 300 ml bottle.