Ritz interactive launches new Website – Scrapbookingalley.com

According to Ritz Interactive President and CEO Fred H. Lerner, “Adding a website dedicated to scrapbooking is a natural extension to our core photography business. Scrapbookers are very active photo customers. They make the most of their photos, taking and printing many more pictures than the average household. Scrapbookers represent a lucrative segment of the photo market”.

According to Photo Marketing Association market research, 21 percent of U.S. households have completed a scrapbook project, and another 9 percent have started but not completed a project. In 2005, approximately 12 percent of households completed a scrapbook project. Scrapbooking appears to benefit heavily from word of mouth or, more accurately, from viewing of others’ projects. According to the survey results, 65 percent of those who have started a scrapbook project developed their interest due to a friend or family member.

ScrapbookingAlley.com carries over 11,000 products from most major scrapbooking manufacturers.