Ringflash P delivers a new kind of light

The focussing bar of the giant umbrella extends through the centre point of the Ringflash P, so the Para FB light source is located exactly on the optical axis. The precise focussing system lets you vary the light angle to produce different illumination characteristics. An interesting new feature is that the Ringflash P can be pivoted on its mount to produce additional lighting effects.

The actual light source of the Ringflash P is somewhat larger as compared with mounting a single Pulso G lamp, so the light is slightly softer.

Some technical facts …

To ensure proper co-ordination between the flash and modelling light, the new Ringflash P has a halogen modelling light made up of ten small low-voltage lamps totalling 250 W. The modelling lamps and the UV-coated ring-shaped flash tube are covered with a safety hood.

One advantage of this new special-effect lamp is its high light output – at 4 meters and 3200 J: f/90-2/10 when focussed, f/45-2/10 at the middle position and f/32-1/2 in the defocused position. All measurements were made with the Para 170 FB umbrella (170 cm diameter).

Practical for location work – The Ringflash does not need to be disassembled for transport: simply slide it into the defocused position and take it along.

The new Ringflash P offers a bright future for people, fashion and still-life photographers!