Ricoh to participate in the Japan climate leaders program

Ricoh has decided to participate in the Japan-CLP program to “raise awareness of the problem of climate change and make a statement about this issue,” based on the concept that all of society must change in order to lower the impact on the environment.

By participating in the Japan-CLP program, Ricoh hopes to accelerate progress on achieving the high targets for environmental impact reduction activities undertaken by Ricoh Group together with its customers and suppliers. Ricoh aims to work with all of society to achieve a flourishing society, economy and global environment

Ricoh President Shiro Kondo made the following commitment in a message regarding Ricoh’s participation in Japan-CLP: “Global environmental problems bring with them enormous risks that are also critical risks for enterprise management. If we delay our actions, society will suffer considerable economic losses. In order to sustain human society and avoid catastrophic economic losses, it is necessary for enterprises and society as a whole to tackle climate changes immediately. Furthermore, in order to accelerate such actions, we must inevitably transform society itself.

Although it is almost impossible to promote social transformation through the action of a single enterprise, we believe it makes sense for same-minded corporations to take actions under a “common vision”, and send a positive message to society.”