Ricoh strengthens its production press portfolio

The InfoPrint 4100 digital publishing platform brings to market enhancements that offer customers new revenue opportunities, more value-added features, lower overall operational costs, increased productivity and support for a wider print width — ideal for meeting the wide range of evolving output demands of commercial printers and service bureaus.

Already deemed one of the highest performing platforms in the industry, the InfoPrint 4100 enables customers to print high-impact statements, catalogs, Precision Marketing and automated marketing campaigns, publications, and books with halftones and photos — all with industry-leading 600 dpi image quality and running up to 330 feet per minute. The expanded capabilities include Advanced Image Enhancement and new Commercial Print features, both of which can increase throughput significantly and enable printers to meet shorter deadlines.

Specifically, the features now available at all rated speeds across the InfoPrint 4100 portfolio include: Support for 9-point coated stock — this feature supports 9-point coated stock paper commonly used in the direct mail industry for unenveloped mailing pieces. This provides a more operator-friendly environment, a better fuse grade and a lower cost of printing by eliminating consumables such as Teflon mats and clips. It also provides lower service costs and improved availability due to a longer developer drum life.

Optional Tractored (pinned) and Tractorless (pinless) paper paths — using pinless paper paths, book printers will benefit from expanded media support, now able to print true 3-up pages on the extra-wide format (19.5" paper width, up to 19" print width). Printers can print 3-up instead of 2-up, producing more product on the same print run which offers increased revenue opportunities. The option to flip between pinned or pinless paper paths allows printers to be more flexible and benefit from the cost-saving of not having to purchase a second machine.

Newly-designed soft-tube hot fuser roll for enhanced image print quality — a feature that minimizes toner distortion and one that is unmatched by competitive platforms.

Intelligent Halftone Switching — that produces graphics art quality output with smoother halftones and sharper contrast. Higher quality can increase readership and response rates for direct mailers.