Ricoh started the private beta testing of quanp

The private beta testing asks several hundred users in the United States to try out quanp through quanp.on and and give opinions and requests for the service, thus enabling Ricoh to explore user needs and verify the marketability of the service for a full scale launch in the United States.

Easy to use, quanp enables consumers to upload, store and access online a variety of data including digital photos and a variety of computer file formats. Users can access files through quanp.on, a dedicated client software for 3D view and intuitive operation as well as accessible through web browsers. Since its Japan launch in May 2008, quanp has expanded its offerings including quanp photo print for online orders of photo printing, and quanp drop enabling customers to drag and drop files into a desktop widget for upload. quanp will add new dimensions to file usage by providing customers with the capabilities to share their photo memories with their friends, safely share files with business partners, or order photo printing online.