Rainer Th. Schorcht elected 2009-2010 PMA President

Schorcht has served on the PMA Photo Retailers and On-Site Labs/National Markets committee, has been on the PMA board for a number of years, and appeared on a past DIMAcast. He is the president of Foto Schorcht GmbH and chairperson of the board of Ringfoto – Group. He has been in the photo industry for 40 years, 36 of those years was with Foto Schorcht GmbH. In 2006, Foto Schorcht GmbH celebrated its 60th anniversary.

Schorcht is on the board of the Chamber of Commerce in his area, as well as a charter member of the Lions Club where he served as president in 1990. He is also a board member of the German Retail Organization EHV-BVT for technical goods. Other PMA officers elected for the upcoming year include: Brian Wood, Photovision, Salem, Ore., as president-elect; Mark Klostermeyer, Design Frames LLC, Falls Church, Va., as vice president; Bob Friend, District Photo Inc., Beltsville, Md., as treasurer; and Ted Fox, PMA, Jackson, Mich., remains as executive director/secretary.