Quark publishing system steps up iPad Publishing with new release

The improvements to Quark Publishing System 9.1 and its compatibility with QuarkXPress 9.1 and App Studio allow designers and content creators to easily create and publish iPad apps and issues; incorporate digital assets and workflows into their existing publishing system; automate publishing to the iPad and ePUB format; and let all system users share, access, and collaborate on digital publishing projects.

In addition to time and resource-saving improvements associated with iPad and ePUB publishing, Quark Publishing System 9.1 makes assets stored in Quark Publishing System available for re-use in Composition Zones and as Shared Content. This capability reduces and eliminates the time designers spend searching for assets, improves consistency and accuracy by ensuring all layouts use assets from a single source, and makes updates faster and easier because a change to an asset stored in Quark Publishing System is automatically reflected in all instances where an asset is used.