Pro photographers are feature of campaign for Pounds Labs

"The Pounds Community is made up of exceptional photographers. We are excited to feature them as seen through their eyes, and in their own words in our promotions. This project explores the range of creativity and expertise of career photographers," says Raquel Bowles, Marketing and Sales manager at Pounds.

The "Signature Portrait" series will be part of an advertorial e-mail campaign. The objective is to build awareness about the Pounds Community and to show how members can partner with the lab to achieve their goals as professional photographers. The Pounds Community Blog will reveal the "Behind the Scenes" info about the portraits. The Pounds Labs Facebook and Twitter pages will announce when the "Signature Portrait" series e-mails are distributed and the blogs are posted.

The photographers for the "Signature Portrait" series were selected based on originality in style and how it contributes to the success of their studios. The photographers include Kelly Moore Clark, Carol and Lewis Kincheloe, Cliff Ranson,and Brandi Nellis. High-res previews of the portraits are available for download at Pounds Labs Signature Series.