Prismlab wins DIMA Shoot-Out for Minilabs

The print engine used in the TDS-1838 is identical to that used in the duplex (double-sided printing) PSD-12 and PSD-18 models. Since Prismlab is the only company in the world able to manufacture these revolutionary “double-faced” minilabs, which print images on both sides of the paper, there is no DIMA category established for entering double-sided prints. These minilabs use with a special double-sided emulsion silver halide photographic paper, which is developed in standard color chemistry.

After extensive testing, the double-sided printing minilab was officially introduced at PMA2009, and the first shipments to Chinese customers began in July 2009. Since then, more than 90 machines have been installed in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and other cities, proving their ability to significantly reduce the cost of making photobooks onsite. The PSD-12 model has a maximum print size of 10×12”, while the OSD-18 Model will make prints up to 12×18”. Both models can also print onto regular single-sided silver halide paper. The latest versions of both models have incorporated significant improvements in both software and hardware to meet the requirements of customers outside China.