Prints from mobile phone cameras

The service, which is initially only available for users of the Nokia 7650 mobile phone, is provided in cooperation with ShareAPhoto Ltd., a specialist in system developments and integration, and Sonera, the largest mobile phone operator in Finland with some 2.5 million subscribers. Once a customer sends a picture as an MMS message to shortcode 16475, an order account is opened for the respective phone number and the user can send more pictures for printing during the next 12 hours. After that period, the number of pictures is confirmed by SMS. Eiri Oy will do the processing and ship the order by mail to the customer. Since digital cameras built into mobile phones offer a relatively low resolution, the print comes with a white border and a service logo in a size of 6 x 9 cm with an actual picture size of 4 x 6 cm. The price for a standard double-print is Euro 1.50 including charges for MMS- and SMS-traffic, printing the pictures, packaging and delivery by mail. It will be charged via the user‘s phone bill. As a special kick-off discount, Eiri Oy is initially offering triple prints at the same price.

With a market share of approximately 28 percent of the local developing and printing business, Eiri Oy is one of the leading photofinishers in Finland.