PPFA 2010 showcases custom picture framing

Framing industry experts Baer Charlton, CPF; Vivian Kistler, MCPF, GCF; Scott LaFontsee; Rob Markoff, CPF; Jim Miller, MCPF, GCF; Chris Paschke, CPF, GCF; Hugh Phibbs; Ron Stark; and Cliff Wilson, CPF, will deliver education to increase framing skills, as well as marketing and business know-how.

Framing topics include Framing Animation Cels, Strip Lining and Stretching Canvas, Face Mounting Paper and Photos, Sink Mounts for Glazed and Unglazed Art, Installing on Difficult Surfaces, The Fine Art of Fitting, Preservation Physics and Chemistry, Hinging Light and Heavy Items, Overlay Direct Contact Mounting, Barrier Materials in Preservation Mounting, and two Fabric Wrapping hands-on workshops.

Event Planning, Finding and Developing Commercial Accounts, Frame Shop Survival Strategies, Working with Artists, and Word of Mouth: Talk Your Way to Success, highlight the Marketing and Business line-up.

PPFA 2010 will also feature winning entries from Chapter competitions in the United States and abroad, competing in the International PRINT and OPEN Framing Competition. In the PRINT Competition, entrants have framed the same watercolor – “Heart Rod Guitar” – showcasing wide varieties of designs. In the OPEN Framing Competition, “anything goes!” Past entries include a Blue Morpho butterfly, a 1913 stamp, Mardi Gras masks, a check for one cent, a postcard honoring Civil War veterans, an antique portrait, Hawaiian wild turkey feather lei, and Native American art. To see winners of the last competition, visit PPFA 2008-2009 Framing Competition.

PPFA 2010 includes an All-Member meeting, presentation of Service Awards, the Chapter Leaders Conference, and the opportunity to earn or update certifications. PPFA 2010 is part of the PMA All-Conference Pass, allowing attendees to participate in any sessions in the Digital Imaging Marketing Association (DIMA) Professional School Photographers Association International (PSPA), Sports Photographers Association of America (SPAA), and PPFA conferences.

The pass includes luncheons; PMA Official Business Session Keynotes; PMA Welcome Receptions, PMA Get Acquainted Reception, and PMA Parting Shot Reception.

The All Conference Connection Pass is $199 for PPFA members if purchased by Dec. 1, and includes a trade show badge. After the Early Bird deadline, the member price is $299 ($399 for nonmembers). Sessions can also be purchased a la carte.