Polaroid discontinues SprintScan film scanner line

However, the company will continue to support the scanners, including software support and accessories, as long as warranties are valid. After the warranties have expired, Polaroid will repair the scanners "in accordance with applicable legal requirements".

Also, SprintScan users will be pleased to learn that Polaroid has completed software updates for Microsoft Windows XP and Apple’s OSX operating systems – now available at www.polaroid.com. Also available on the website is Polaroid Dust and Scratch Removal Software for Mac users.

Polaroid says it is concentrating on three priorities to turn the company around financially: making its core business profitable (instant film and cameras), commercializing its Opal and Onyx instant printing technologies, and revitalizing the Polaroid brand through strategic licensing partnerships. Low-volume or specialty products such as SprintScan are likely to be cut as a result.