PMA takes over Smart Group membership

The purpose of this group is to grow the scrapbooking and paper crafting category within the craft industry. It is currently estimated that this category has an annual volume of US-$ 2.5 billion in the U.S., but experts expect strong growth rates as a result of the cooperation of retailers, manufacturers and service providers.

Dennis Conforto, CEO and President of the A-Z Media Group, the owners of The Smart Group, commented: “It was never the intention to be the educational arm for the industry for the long term. It was to kick start the process and find a safe home where the guiding principles of the group could grow even faster – with PMA this will occur.”

Ted Fox, Executive Director of PMA, pointed out that “the core values and programs of The Smart Group are in line with our own business values and beliefs.”

According to a press release, PMA will work with the A-Z Media Group to create a ”Scapbooking Photo” newspaper section in the major newspapers within North America for retail members of PMA. PMA management sees the transaction as a perfect synergy to grow the market place. Photo retailers need more pictures printed, and scrapbook retailers are one way to help make that happen.