Picasa instant desktop photo album for PC users

The product brings an innovative, new and intuitive approach to digital image management, freeing users from the time-consuming, complicated filing systems and multi-step processes of traditional digital photo programs. Picasa focus group studies reveal a high level of consumer frustration with traditional imaging programs.

Since the launch of Picasa, more than 1 million consumers have downloaded the program and realized Picasa’s unique organizational abilities to find digital photographs in seconds.

Picasa is an intuitive, highly visual program that self-organizes digital images by date, eliminating the need to recall file names, folder names or directory paths. In addition, each photo or group of photos can be tagged with one ore more keywords, further enhancing the ability to retrieve images quickly and easily.

When installed, Picasa automatically ferrets out and displays all digital photos and video clips inside all the directories on a computer’s hard disk, displays them in mini-albums and arrange them by date. The program then presents each mini-album ready for viewing as a slideshow or in an innovative, kinetic “Timeline” – an interactive innovation Lifescape compares to a form of home theater.

Picasa makes transferring pictures into a computer and sharing pictures by e-mail effortless. When a USB-enabled camera is connected to a computer, Picasa’s photo-importing process starts automatically. Sharing pictures by e-mail is as simple as selecting the pictures and clicking Picasa’s e-mail icon. Picasa provides an easy interface to desktop printers and professional photo-processing laboratories for high quality prints. For desktop printing, Picasa presents a preview page of the photograph to be printed – avoiding “guessing games” with printer dialog boxes and avoiding misprinted photos on expensive photographic paper. Lifescape continues to bring new innovations to Picasa – each dedicated to making digital photography easier and more enjoyable for consumers. At a recent industry conference, Lifescape demonstrated direct image-exchange among Picasa users and the ability to export photos to TiVo recorders for television display. Picasa – “the best home for your pictures” – is currently available at select photo retailers, mass merchandisers, specialty computer and software dealers in the U.S. via the web at www.picasa.net. Suggested retail price is US-$ 29.99.