PhotoChannel announces the launch of the PNI Open Access Project

The PNI Open Access Project will be instrumental in providing an output solution for the billions of digital images currently stored on the web or in desktop software products which currently have no direct professional printing option.

“The PNI Open Access Project was created in response to an overwhelming demand we were receiving from third parties who wanted the ability to offer their users a retailer based output solution for their images.” says Kyle Hall, CEO of PNI.  “By leveraging the PNI Platform’s integration with world class retailers, these third parties can now offer their users a way to produce pictures and gifting products from images that are currently on their websites or within desktop software applications.”

The PNI Open Access Project also includes an option for larger entities to share revenue with PNI. This symbiotic relationship will be a key driver for those organizations that would like to work directly with PNI to provide an end to end solution.“Offering participants of this program an option to share in the revenue they help create has always been part of the PNI model,” elaborates Hall. “We see these third parties as partners that can greatly expand the ecosystem of digital printing from image to output. We have great hopes this program will develop and grow as the creativity of the digital photo community continues to expand.”

The PNI Open Access Project is designed to be a self-sufficient, step-by-step program that would allow organizations to integrate independent of any PNI resources. The autonomy of this program ensures that many third parties can integrate simultaneously and at their own pace.