Percentage of U.S. households receiving digital images from family and friends down from previous years

Of those households that received digital pictures, 32 percent made prints from the images. There is a positive correlation between age and making prints from received digital images. Households where the head was 65 years of age or older were much more likely to make prints than younger households. Households where no children were present were also more likely to make prints from the digital images they received from family and friends. This is likely to be a reflection of grandparents, perhaps those living long distances from their grandchildren, making prints so that they can cherish and display the pictures around their home. Lower income households were also more likely to make prints of received digital images than those earning higher incomes.

Households were slightly less likely in 2008 to make prints from received digital images at home than they were in previous years. Making the prints at retail, using the instant kiosk or local retailer’s counter, was more common in 2008 than in the few years prior. They were more likely to pick up prints sent to the local retailer by family or friends. In terms of share, more prints were made at home than using any other method.